Current Events

Dear Chestnut Run Member: 

It is with great sadness, the pool will NOT be opening on June 22nd.  After polling the members a few weeks back, we had approximately 80-85% of the members interested in returning.  So, based on the numbers, we voted to move forward and open. 

However, once we posted and emailed that we were opening, we did not receive as many commitments as expected.  Out of 171 family units/members, we only had 55 members paid/committed, but more concerning, we had 45 members/family units decide to freeze their membership or not return.  Approximately 80 families did not inform us of their intentions.  With a decrease in revenue and membership, the Board attempted to decrease the budget (removing coaches fees, decreasing salary hours, removing recreation budget) however, we also needed to add in PPE and cleaning materials to the budget.  Overall, we did not receive enough responses and/or revenue in order to financially support this year’s budget, let alone meet the cost to keep the pool’s necessities paid throughout the year.  Like many businesses, we are being directly affected by COVID-19.  All of the Board members are saddened by this decision, but we hope in closing the pool this season will help us to remain open for decades afterwards as the financial loss would be more detrimental if we open.  Please understand this was not an easy decision, especially after already posting that we were going to open.  We have all experienced such disappointments in so many ways this year and I’m truly sorry to have to report this as well.  I hope you understand that as a Board, our duty is to be fiscally responsible and make the best decision for our pool community. 
If you have paid this year’s membership, please contact Nancy Christoff at in order to receive your payment back.  

Respectfully, Kristin Nixon, Board President


Welcome to Chestnut Run Pool!

  A summertime tradition for the families of Woodstown/Pilesgrove and the surrounding community! Open since 1959, we are a private, non-profit club where ownership is equally shared among our members.

We welcome members to come relax by the pool from Memorial Day through Labor Day! We are so much more than just a pool; we are a community of families, who make those beautiful warm summer days so much more enjoyable.  Our membership enjoys swimming, basketball, Ping-Pong, shuffleboard, sand volleyball, washers, and horseshoes and much more.

We plan many fun and exciting events throughout the summers to include pool parties, teen pizza parties, and craft days for the little ones. Many of our members enjoyed our pool as children and are now once again enjoying the experience with their own children. Our pool is a fun, relaxed, and healthy way to enjoy the summer. Our facility includes two pools, a 25-meter pool with a springboard and even a high dive! For our younger swimmers we have a fenced baby pool and play area.

All member children (19 and younger) are encouraged and invited to join the Chestnut Run Stingray swim team. We offer swim team experiences for children ages 6 and up and swim in the competitive Tri-County swim association. Check out the swim team webpage for more details.